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meters high


Wat Phra Yai, better known as the "Big Buddha", is an iconic Ko Samui image. Located on route 4171 at the end of Bang Rak, as one rounds the bend to Plai Laem, this huge statue is glimmering gold and visible from kilometres away.Perched atop a platform, it’s much higher above sea level than its own 12-metre heigh.Read more about statue.

years ago built


Big Buddha was initially intended to be a monastery, but when the monk in charge died, plans changed, and the giant Buddha was constructed in the 1970s. The statue sits on a small island, not much more than a rocky outcrop, called Ko Fan (Deer Island). After this bridge was damaged in the late 1970s, landfill was dumped to create a causeway to Big Buddha. Reed more about Ko Samui.

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